Penn Forest Township Contact Information

2010 State Route 903 Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Phone: 570-325-2768 or 570-325-2769
Building/Zoning 570-325-2760
Fax: 570-325-8230
E-mail :
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Transfer Station: 570-325-3016

Emergency Services

Penn Forest Township residents have access to 9-1-1 emergency services. Dial 911 in an emergency, but only in an emergency. If you need assistance but do not have an emergency, call:

Fern Ridge State Police 570-646-2271 (non-emergency number)

Lehighton State Police 610-377-4270 (non-emergency number)

Lehighton Ambulance-Penn Forest location 570-325-8184

If you live in a development, contact your development managenent or Property Owner's Association for the property security procedures in case of an emergency.

BEFORE burning Call the Communication Center 570-325-9111

Supervisors and Staff


Tom Cross - Supervisor

Christian Bartulovich - Vice Chairman

Roger L Meckes - Chairman/Roadmaster

Scott Lignore - Asst. Roadmaster/Supervisor

Judith Knappenberger - Supervisor

Office Staff

Dana Vitale - Secretary

Laura Matz- Treasurer

Heather Saba - Administrative Assistant

Julie Rossi - Administrative Assistant

Transfer Station / Other Staff
Shannon Meckes

Ricky Ahner

Uwe Pohle

Jerry Enck

Robert Sloss

Donald Fisher

Jenna Medelo

Penn Forest Township Planning Board Members William Miller - Chairman

William English- Vice-Chairman

Chris Rau - Secretary

Hanover Engineering - Engineer

Zoning Board Members

Audrey Wargo - Chairman

Patrick Walsh - Member

Paul Fogal - Member

Shawn Kresge - Alternate